Ultraviolet Filtration for Pure and Fresh Water

Having clean and pure water is important no matter where you live. Pure, fresh water is also invaluable to cooks, be they whipping up dinner for the family or running a restaurant. Ultra violet filtration boards can help provide the highest water quality to anyone who needs it.

About Ultraviolet Filtration

Ultraviolet radiation is a superior method of water cleansing. It is capable of deactivating all kinds of bacterial contamination. In fact, it kills 99.9 percent of all bacteria found in water. It works quickly and without the use of heat or any chemical additive to the water. It is cost effective and reliable at both the point of use (your home) and the point of entry (your water storage system).

Ultraviolet, or UV, is safe and clean. The systems are easy to maintain for the average user. These systems use ultraviolet light to kill micro organisms. This light is natural and is found in sunlight. Unlike chemical disinfection, it is environmentally friendly and has no signification drawbacks. UV disinfection has been in use for well over 25 years. It is a time proven technology, endorsed by many groups for its safety and effectiveness. The lack of chemical additives to the water means that the water will still taste and smell like water; not like chemicals!

Setting up an ultraviolet disinfection system can be a slightly higher initial cost for some. But, it has a far lower cost of operation for most users. Maintenance is very simple. For most set ups, you will need to change the UV bulb once a year and occasionally change the filtration cartridge.

For Pure Water

Many rural families are dependent on well water or rain collection systems for part of or all of the household potable water. Some many simply need fresh water for their livestock. All require a healthy and disease free water source. UV filtration can be used to cleanse the water as part of a cleansing system.

Many natural water sources are tainted by e. coli, coliform bacteria, giardia, cryptosporiduim or other harmful organisms. UV filtration is the only form of filtration that can kill all of these infectious organisms to protect those who depend on you. Our units can easily treat the water for a single faucet-or for your entire home. They have one or five micron sediment filters to help remove any solid material. And finally, the built in carbon filter will remove any remaining impurities for the freshest tasting water possible.