What is UV Sterilisation?

Ultra Violet (UV) sterilisation utilizes UV light of strength more than 300J/m2 of UV which when passing through water, damages the DNA of any bacteria, parasite and virus existing, thereby negating their ability to actively replicate as pathogens and cause illness and gastro problems.

Ultra Violet light is widely used as an effective non-chemical process to sterilise water. Sterilisation through UV has numerous benefits to the user since it kills harmful microorganisms in the water without addition of chemicals, in turn allowing the natural minerals in the water to be preserved.

Additionally, no water is wasted during the process, it requires low maintenance and if the system is sized correctly, the unit has a large filtration to sterilisation capacity.

AWS offers UV sterilisation units for domestic and commercial use. We offer units to suit varied requirements:

  • Domestic/Commercial standard units – Plug and Plays
  • Custom built skid mounted

Although UV light has proven to be very effective in destroying harmful bacteria and viruses in water, any sediments/particulates in the source water should be removed prior to passing through the UV light for it to work effectively. If these impurities are not removed they can cause ‘shadowing’ and the bacteria can hide behind these particles and in turn will not be reached by the UV rays and not be killed.

Since the UV light only kills bacteria, organics and chlorine should also be removed during pre-filtration.

The Process

A multi-filtration unit is used to firstly rid the water of suspended particles and organic materials and then secondly, sterilise the water as follows:


Stage 1

5 micron sediment filter removes sand, rust, mud and any other sediments of 5-micron size or larger

Stage 2

Activated carbon filter removes chlorine and organic molecules from water

Stage 3

1 micron sediment filter removes finer sediment from the water 1-micron size or larger as well as some bacteria

Stage 4

Ultra violet (UV) light kills bacteria with ultra violet rays as the water flows through