Bishops Diocesan College, Rondebosch, Cape Town

By maintaining their offering of the best possible facilities for their scholars, the school embarked on laying a world class, water based astroturf  some years ago. The cost implications of using municipal water on the astroturf were prohibitive even before the effects of drought became evident in 2017. The school already had existing boreholes but the high iron content rendered it unusable for the astroturf.

The initial attraction for the AWS IronOUT filter was it being an environmentally friendly option with low running costs. It proved to be an immediate success.

Interest to use the IronOUT filters more extensively at the school grew as irrigation of the campus using raw borehole water was resulting in unsightly staining on the walls of the school’s buildings. This was becoming costly to repaint and maintain.

Once the drought hit Cape Town and having already had a positive experience with the AWS solutions, the school decided to spread the use of its ground water to topping up their swimming pools and for use in the school’s toilets.