Engen Winelands One Stop – SF100

Engen Winelands One Stop is a very busy stop over point for trucks travelling to and from Cape Town. Toilet and showering facilities are offered on site. The cost of providing water to their patron was proving exorbitant so a more cost effective option was necessary.

The borehole on site showed initial readings high in manganese and iron (25ppm). Most other filters can only handle lower iron levels – around 8ppm, but the SF range is capable of levels up to 50ppm.

The high levels of heavy metals present would soon stain the buildings, the showers and the toilets. It would also cause continual blocking of the irrigation and sprinkler systems on the property.

The introduction of the environmentally friendly SF100, capable of processing 100 000l of treated water a day was a great solution. A Calcite Filter was added after treatment to correct the low pH of the water and prevent corrosion.