TMI on behalf of Life Irrigation for Table Bay Mall

Turf Manzi Irrigation on behalf of their client Life Landscapes needed a solution to get the new Table Bay Mall just outside of Cape Town off the grid as far as the use of municipal water for the Mall’s toilets and irrigation of their surrounds was concerned.

AWS was awarded the task of designing, fabricating, installing and commissioning the water treatment plant to provide 200kl of treated water at a high enough quality to be used in the Mall’s complex.

The bore water was high in iron and manganese so the water treatment design utilised DMI media to remove these metals, with liquid chlorine used as the catalyst in the chemical process. This also provided the sterilisation requirements of the filtered water.

Iron levels of 2ppm in the raw water and 1.5ppm of manganese were reduced to levels of less than 0.2ppm of iron and 0.05 ppm of manganese.

  • CLIENT Turmanzi Irrigation at their site of Table Bay Mall for the ZenPROP Group
  • WE DID FRP tank; Media Tanks; Backwash facility; pH correction dose and chlorine dose injection plus integrated electrical board.
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